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One Sales Question You Must Always Ask

Many people are nervous of objection handling

I remember when I started selling. I was always keen to make the conversation stay positive. I avoided difficult questions. I always tried to talk to prospects and customers about positive things.

That led to a big problem.

I consistently lost business because I didn’t tackle objections

Traditional sales training always talks about objection handling. It focuses on making sure that you answer the client’s objections in the right way. However, this system requires the prospect to raise the objection.

If a prospect doesn’t raise an objection then you will potentially lose business because that problem will stay in their minds. It is important to bring objections out in the open.

So here’s the question you must always ask

“Is there any reason why you wouldn’t use me?”

This forces a client to spell out any potential issues. You now have a chance to solve the objection for the client. But you wouldn’t have had this opportunity if they didn’t talk about it to begin with.

What happens if you can’t solve an objection?

Sometimes a client comes up with an issue that you just can’t solve. If it is a deal breaker, it is far better to know about it soon. If you can’t get rid of the objection, it may be time to accept that this is not the right client for you. But, if you do this early, at least you won’t have wasted a lot of time selling to someone who is not going to convert.

Start asking your clients to object more often!

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