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How Millennial Shoppers Impact Retail

Millennial shoppers account for $200 billion in annual grocery spend, according to The Coca-Cola Company Knowledge & Insights iSHOP Tracking Study. It pays to understand the how, when, why and where of their purchasing behaviors.

Here are tips for capturing this powerful consumer segment.

Market in the Moment In-store POS, displays and shelf talkers drive bigger impact with millennials, and point-of-purchase shopper marketing is critical.

Deliver Differentiated Experiences Because millennials look for ready-made or easy-to-make meal solutions, there is a big opportunity to win their meal and snack business and use this as the mechanism to drive loyalty and store preference.

Cater to Impulsiveness The impulsiveness of millennials provides ample opportunity to create better connection points to drive purchase intent, but it takes strong in-store communication and variety to reach them. Beverages, snacks and ready-to-eat café or deli items are big impulse purchases.

Be On-Trend and On-Budget Offering budget-friendly, smaller products that fit their lifestyles and household needs allows them to have rich consumption experiences without the high price tag.

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