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19 Outstanding People Skills of Best Customer Service Reps

by Kate Nasser

Best Customer Service Reps: Their 19 People Skills Behaviors

  1. Communicates sincerely and does not recite a script.

  2. Listens for the customer’s personality and demeanor and then adapts to it.

  3. Is objective and caring even when the customer is upset and angry.

  4. Senses the customer’s pace and adapts to it. It varies with personality type, culture, and geographic location.

  5. Listens to every piece of information the customer offers without jumping over words.

  6. Shares control of the interaction with the customer instead of driving it through a predetermined path.

  7. Detects the customer’s level of knowledge and speaks to that level (not above or below).

  8. Thanks the customer for input during the call not just at the end.

  9. Apologizes once for the length of time it is taking to resolve it and keeps moving toward resolving it.

  10. Asks permission to access the customer’s records and then uses the information to go the extra mile.

  11. Continues to listen to related questions and answers them clearly.

  12. Uses confusing moments to learn and then teach the customer instead of just saying. “I don’t know.”

  13. Finds workarounds to obstacles.

  14. Sounds happy to be at work even when doing overtime or having a tough day.

  15. Invites future contact by giving an updated phone number to call.

  16. Uses positive forward focused language instead of negative phrases.

  17. Shows responsibility and initiative in resolving the problems. Never blames the customer.

  18. Resolves the current issues and considers future needs to prevent trouble.

  19. Expresses sincere action-oriented tone of voice throughout the interaction.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said … but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~ Maya Angelou

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